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Our strengths – your advantages

Prudent investment style

Our investment selection process is centered on the value principle. Importance is attached to solid fundamental data and an outstanding management track record. A bright future within the underlying sector is likewise important.

Above-average returns

No matter what direction markets may be moving in, we will be on the lookout for investments that are trading below fair value. An anti-cyclical approach is often taken, which has proven to be a good way of achieving positive returns.

Easy and understandable

When making investments we avoid complex structures in favor of simple instruments whose valuations are straightforward and reliable and which are best designed to benefit from anticipated market moves.

Transparency through independent selection of investments

Thanks to our independence we choose the best investments for every economic environment – without any conflicts of interests or hidden costs. Our investment decisions are just as transparent as the information we provide and the fees we charge.

Individual advisory services

Knowledge and prudence are our guiding principles when advising clients. We are available at all times to ensure your interests are safeguarded. And you will always be dealing with the same people.


We have an excellent information network but we also keep our finger on the pulse of the economy by meeting with company executives and conducting field research on-site at the companies.

Financial stability the basis for innovation

We have many years of experience in managing private and institutional assets. We have witnessed plenty throughout the years and are no stranger to crisis. This solid background and our entrepreneurial attitudes foster innovation time and again.