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2trade group ltd. was established in 1999 by Martin Treffer and Samuel Matter. It is a privately held corporation with a stable shareholder structure that guarantees the continuous independent development of its business operations.

The team has employment experience with banks, financial and industrial companies and can make use of an outstanding network.

Portrait: Martin Treffer Martin Treffer began his career as an investment advisor at the Zurich Kantonalbank. In 1987 he joined the Marc Rich Group, a commodity trading company. In 1990 he assumed responsibility for the portfolio management and commodity trading activities of the Zurich-based company Pauli Investment Management. In 1999 he cofounded 2trade group with Samuel Matter.
Martin Treffer
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Portrait: Samuel Matter Samuel Matter completed several years of bank training and other financial programs and then spent several years as a portfolio manager for UBS in Zurich, Hong Kong and New York. In 1997 he assumed responsibility for proprietary trading at Pauli Investment Management. In 1999 he co-founded 2trade group with Martin Treffer.
Samuel Matter
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Portrait: Roger Suter After five years as an equities trader at Swiss Bank Corp. in Zurich Roger Suter joined the recently established company Swissfirst Bank in 1994 as an advisor to institutional investors in the field of Swiss equities and derivatives. He held the same function at Bank am Bellevue from 2005 to 2007 before joining 2trade group in 2008.
Roger Suter
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Portrait: Daniel Biedermann Daniel Biedermann began his career in portfolio management at Swiss Bank Corp. before joining Roche in 1988, where he also served as Head of the Investment Committee of the pharmaceutical company's pension fund. He later accepted a position as SME analyst at Pauli Investment Management and then served as portfolio manager for Swissfirst Bank, later Bank am Bellevue, from 2005 until 2007.
Daniel Biedermann
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Portrait: Susanne Treffer Susanne Treffer began her career with a general business education and subsequently deepened and broadened her business knowledge while in the employment of internationally active trading companies. In 2007 she joined 2trade group and assumed responsibility for the administration and organization of the family office. She also provides various real estate management services.
Susanne Treffer
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